Have you ever been at a party and your child is sat around the edge not wanting to join in?  Wish you could help them be as confident as everyone else that you see around them?

Well guess what?  I have the solution for you!


Dancing can help your child with self confidence in so many different ways.  In the beginning when they first start with a new class, they have to learn so many different moves.  It can feel overwhelming and scary and sometimes impossible but overtime and with practice they will start to improve and what once seemed hard will now seem easy.

This allows you and them to see what they can achieve.  This is especially important for your child, by allowing them to try movements and learn for themselves how to do it it boosts their self belief, meaning they’re more likely to try new moves in the future as they will know that it is achievable.

A dance class is a supportive environment where everyone is allowed to learn and develop at their own pace meaning again that your child is more likely to try new things in that environment as they know they’re supported through it and thus leads to their sense of achievement.

Dance also helps their self image as it is beneficial for their physical health.  Over time you will see noticeable difference in their physical appearance this will lead to them feeling better about themselves and thus their self confidence will also grow.

Another reason that learning to dance is a great way to boost and develop your child’s confidence is that it allows them to express yourself in a way that doesn’t require words!  Most people would love to learn to dance but they fear that will look silly or they fear being around new people when in actual fact every dancer has been in that position so they would be welcomed with open arms and help them to find their feet and settle in.