How has CDP Dance ensured it is Covid ready?

During the lockdown period and as soon as guidance started to be released I ensured that I had a COVID risk assessment done.

This outlined how many I could take per class depending on the venue sizing and also gives me clear details on the one-way system, ventilation and cleaning process I would have to undertake.

It means that I now have the right cleaning equipment for before and after each class. As well as knowing how long to allow for cleaning time, which is why there is a 15-minute gap between classes. This isn’t for me to talk to parents, this is for me to allow time for one class to leave, me to clean and reset for the next class arriving.

As well as buying all of these products I have also bought gripping spots to hold my skipping ropes in place that I will be using to outline the space in which students will place their bag and water bottle as well as the box that they will in during class.

As well as the risk assessment I have also undertaking online training to ensure that I understand the guidelines and what is now expected for the time being.

What to expect when you arrive

When you arrive at class, you will be marked off on the register and temperature taken.

From this you will then hand sanitise as you go in and then place your bag in a spot at the back of the room, this means that you must arrive ready and only bring the essential equipment. Changing in the toilets is no longer permitted. Of course, the toilets can still be used just not for getting changed.

After you have placed your bag down, you will then chose a spot and that is your dance spot for the night.

At the end of the class you will collect your things, hand sanitise on the way out and leave via a different door and back round to the car park to meet parents.

All of this is to reduce the collection of particles in the air so as to avoid where possible developing symptoms. If you have had symptoms prior close of developing after class you MUST let me know as it may mean that you and everyone else within the class I run have to self isolate!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me