We all know that Extra-Curricular activities cost money and that it can get expensive.  As a kid I was doing dance lessons, piano, flute and singing.  The running joke in my family was that the cheque book belonged to me as it was only used for dance, piano, singing, flute fees, exams fees, shows, costumes, extra lessons, books, dance shoes etc.  Across a 14 year time period my parents must have spent thousands of pounds.  

They never questioned the cost because they valued what I was getting from all of the activities, skills for life and skills I use in my businesses.  These activities taught me confidence, time keeping, team work, organisation, memory skills, and performance.

With the cost of living rising I know that as soon as money gets tight the first things that get cut are the extra curricular activities unless parents truly see the value in what they’re giving their child.  

I wanted my dance classes were accessible and affordable to all as much as possible.  The first way of doing this is offering my classes on a monthly invoice.  The classes themselves run in line with the school term, by making the fees monthly instead of termly it makes them affordable meaning that parents are invoiced with a regular amount September – July instead of for example £300 in September, £400 in January and £200 in April.  Doing it monthly not only help my own cashflow as a business it allows parents to budget for their own cashflow.

There will be times however where there are extra invoices such as shows, which for my classes are all optional and guidance prices given when first asked whether kids want to take part and then exact invoices given nearer the time.  Again with this I aim to make it affordable, looking for costumes that can be bought from high street stores so that they can be re-used and adapted for future shows or if kids want they can wear as everyday clothes.

Likewise with my uniform, I found a supplier that offers quality and affordable prices so that parents aren’t going to have to be paying out on a regular basis.  My printed t-shirts with the logo are also optional, I offer the first one Free once a child joins the class, it’s up to them if they actually wear it to class.

These are just a few examples of how I aim to make dance affordable.  My aim with uniform, costumes and classes is to always make sure that they’re a quality without the hefty price tag.  

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