First, you’ll want to consider your desired outcome. Fun or exams? Google/social media will show you what is in your area, the key things to look out for are qualifications and insurance.







You’ll want to know that they have dance qualifications whether its a dance degree or if they’re someone that is offering exams that they have passed the relevant assessments. You’ll also want to know that they’re DBS checked, First Aid trained and also got Public Liability Insurance.

So, you’ve chosen a school, it’s now time to enquire and book a trial. Some teachers offer free others don’t. This is down to personal choice. A teachers response time or enquiry process is another good way of checking them out. Do you get a response or do you have to navigate your way through multiple pages?

At the trial, you may be allowed to watch or you may have to wait in a waiting area. Regardless of this, the biggest thing is if the teacher offers you any feedback.

I always offer feedback and advice whether I feel the child needs another trial or if its not for them. I always offer a two week trial, sometimes three, as it can take time for children to respond to someone new. Teachers are a very unique breed and on some occasions you may have to try a few schools until you find one that suits you.

Hopefully this has been of use to you.