At CDP Dance, our classes are all fun, inclusive and pressure free:

Light-Up Dance

For kids age 4-12

This class is a fun 45 minute Street Dance inspired class specifically for SEN students. We will work on our co-ordination and memory skills whilst learning how to dance, having fun and making friends.

Fridays – Rushwick Village Hall – 5 – 5:45pm

Contemporary Fusion

For kids age 4-16

3 separate classes split by age.  We work on technique and then learn fun routines and use our creativity to come up with our own routines. We will have fun and make new friends.

Thursdays – St Chad’s Church, Kidderminster

Contemporary Fusion 1 – age 4-7

Contemporary Fusion 2 – age 8-11

Contemporary Fusion 3 – age 12-16

Adult Contemporary Fusion


Combining ballet and contemporary technique into a fun adult fitness class.  Come and get the fit the fun way.

Thursdays – St Chad’s Church, Kidderminster

7:30pm – 8:15pm

Adult Dance Fitness


Zumba and aerobic inspired dance fitness class.

Fun, Funky and Energetic.

Come and get fit the fun way!

Thursdays – St Chad’s Church, Kidderminster

8:15pm – 9:00pm


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