Do you have a child who loves to dance or love to dance yourself?


Charlotte Elizabeth School of Dance is the place for you! Charlotte Elizabeth School of Dance offers a variety of classes to cater to all ages and abilities.  Our classes are held within The Health Factory on Market Street, Kingswinford.


Light Up Dance (SEN) Monday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday’s


Adult Dance Fitness on Thursday’s.


As well as this we also offer dance sessions for your big day!


Looking to get your kids active and fit?

Meet Charlotte,
She runs Charlotte Elizabeth School of Dance

You may be wondering, who am I to be offering these services? Well, after suffering an injury during the beginning of my dance degree it was feared I wouldn’t follow my dream but upon returning to my degree in its 2nd year injury free, I won 1 of 6 International places to dance in Namibia with their first professional dance company, Ombetja Yehinga Organisation (OYO), to take part in their yearly internship. During this internship I found my love for teaching and life moved back towards dance again. Now I help others to express themselves and find their love for dance and movement.