We all know that Dance is a powerful art form.  It helps our physical and emotional wellbeing.  For Special Educational Needs (SEN) children and adults it is even more powerful.  Read the blog I did for a friend all about the benefits of Dance for SEN – https://www.theincrediblelife.co.uk/post/dance-and-special-educational-needs

I love working with SEN students, it’s so rewarding especially when you get someone who communication is a challenge starts to communicate and respond to you more! 

Due to Covid, I’ve been unable to run my SEN classes and this got me thinking that there are probably a lot of kids within the SEN community who are either missing out on activities or have never found an activity for them.  This is when I looked into doing a Crowdfunder and then the idea of dance videos was formed.

My Crowdfunder is to produce dance videos for the SEN community that they will access completely FREE! The money raised is going to be used for the venue, videographer, lighting, editing, marketing once they’re complete and also for the rewards for each pledge amount.

The videos will be a mixture of full classes and individual videos that can be followed along with at a time and convenience to parents.  Whilst I run classes for SEN via zoom, some students find this more challenging to follow along compared to watching a pre-recorded video so this is ensuring that the dance classes I offer is accessible to as many people as humanly possible. 

To find out more about the Crowdfunder and to pledge then here is the link –